Food Affirmations

Truvia is a brand of stevia-based sugar substitute.

I first noticed my food “talking” to me in 1993. I was living in Seattle, and I grabbed a bottle of Snapple while on my lunch hour. I twisted off the cap and looked down. A quaint affirmation, similar to below got my attention. I put the lid on my desk at work, just something to make my homesick-self feel a little bit better.

Fast forward to 2002, the good people at Snapple started their “Real Facts” campaign. Such sayings on lid tops are, “Dolphins are unable to smell.” Is that true? They don’t have nostrils so that makes sense.  “Bees are born fully grown.” I guess that might be some useful information. “Peaches are members of the almond family.” I am not too sure about that one. Also, the term “you’re such a peach” came from giving peaches to your loved ones as gifts. Again, is that real, or not, who has time to research if that is true or not?

The Atlantic actually did take the time to research Snapple’s Real Facts. We Fact-Checked Snapple’s ‘Real Facts’ With 30 seconds and a web connection, you can, too. By Adrienne LaFrance discussed the claims of the “Real Facts” and how just a quick look up on a search engine can debunk the bottle caps “facts”.

Dove Chocolates wraps their silky-smooth chocolates in a message foiled in hope with such sayings like “Someone is thinking of you right now”, or “Be the first to hit the dance floor”, and “Forget the rules and play by your heart.” Some of the promise messages are signed, love, Dove.

Pinterest is filled with images of Dove Chocolate Promises images Obviously, others also have taken note of their food and beverages talking to them, giving factoids or a daily jolt of happiness in hurried, hustle-bustled world.

I recently had a job interview at Amazon Web Services. I was nervous and studied things like AWS services, the OSI networking model, web sockets and technology stacks. My family must have anticipated my stress level and the “smile” below was on the counter.

I took a deep breath before the phone interview. I answered the questions to the best of my ability. My kids are both runners now. When I have gone to their cross country and track meets, I tell them before they do their event, “This is what you’ve trained for.” I have spent the past 10 months getting immersed in AWS technologies. I am not sure if I will end up at AWS and become an “Amazonian”. However, this training from the past year will hopefully lead up to a new position in what has already been a twenty-five-year career in technology.

And I plan on keeping the food message affirmations taped to my laptop, on my writing vision board, and in my ideas notebook for those times I need a little reminder for what I have been training for.