Even Though…

Even though you were born on Christmas, you left us a few weeks before. You were a wife of 55 years, a mother for 52, a grandmother and even a great-grandmother. But 2020 said you were now due.

Even though you were my mom’s best friend, a business owner, a former substitute teacher, you are now singing in Heaven with Dave and your brothers Fermín and Pepé.

Even though heart disease has taken several of your family members, you were healthy. No high blood pressure, no diabetes, no high cholesterol.

Even though you spoke to Corky just a few days before, and reminisced about how you met, the trips you took together, the time you traveled to Las Vegas and crossed the desert at 30 miles per hour, unfortunately, days later a shocking phone call came, Domingo said you were gone. You were walking your dog, possibly a distracted driver? An investigation will be performed.

Even though it is Christmas, which was your birthday, it feels so hollow. So empty. But you are not forgotten. Corky put out the Nativity set you gave her years ago. An Our Lady of Guadalupe candle is burning in the Olemeda’s living room to light your journey home.

Even though you did not suffer long, you have slipped the bonds of this earth. You are dancing with angles. You are no longer here with us. But we will always have you in our thoughts and in our hearts. Good Bye, Emma.